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The English countryside is exactly how I imagined it — rolling hills, sheep grazing, green vistas that stretch out to coastline, adorable towns with towering cathedral spires. My train ride from London to Edinburgh was hours of entertainment. 

It’s a strange feeling how after months of planning, dreaming, and imagining these things, they are now materializing before my eyes. Even seeing the famous London sites – Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge – at first don’t look real. Like enormous 3D trompe l’oeils painted in the sky. Or the craggy Cliffs of Moher plunging into the infinite ocean. But they are real. And I am here. I have to give myself a moment to turn off the hustle and bustle within me and around me – and SEE it. It’s happening. This dream is in real time. 

Now that we can hold the greatness of this vast world in the palm of our hands, we’re looking down and missing it. We’re forgetting how to just BE. Looking out the window and being present in the moment is a non-digital experience. I highly recommend it. 

I have no pictures to share of my train journey. What I saw was not captured through a camera lens or saved in a cloud. It exists only in my memory. I hope one day you can see it for yourself! Let’s keep dreaming about the places we want to go and the windows we want to look out of, the mountains we want to climb and the seas we want to swim in. Maybe one day we’ll be blessed enough to experience it in real time. 

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