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6 weeks, 4 days
19 cities, 10 countries
9 languages
6 hotels, 6 Airbnb’s, 2 homes, 1 retreat center, 1 hostel
Via planes, trains, and buses
Countless miles walked

It feels like I got here just yesterday and that I’ve been here forever, all at the same time. It has been wonderful, but I’m ready to be with my people. After a while, blending in with strangers and keeping to myself makes me feel like I’m in witness protection. Or a spy.

I reflect on what this month and a half has meant for me, besides an awesome vacation. I learned about myself that I can arrive in a brand new city and find my way. I’m good at figuring things out – not that I didn’t think that before, but this was in a new context.

Traveling by myself was always something that I categorized under “I could never do that.” I thought I’d be too lonely and scared. Plus I projected onto myself the idea of “the sad, pathetic girl traveling by herself.” I felt sorry for her. But I wasn’t scared, sad, or pathetic. Lonely only occasionally. And I did it. I’m really proud of myself.

And finally, I did something I always dreamed of doing – backpack across Europe. Sure, most people do it fresh out of college, but better late than never.

I feel so grateful and blessed to have had this experience. I also feel happy to be going back to the familiar, and hopeful at what remains to be discovered…

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