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So who is this girl?

I know that’s why you’re visiting this page. I like your curiosity. For starters, I’m Estefania, a writer based in Miami, Florida, though I work in marketing & communications to pay the bills.

That’s the nutshell. The gooey center is that I love words — reading them, putting them together in new and creative ways, and understanding how we use them to express ourselves. I am a wordsmith, grammar nerd, and AP style enthusiast who prefers to use the Oxford comma. (That’s a writer joke…if you don’t get it, trust me it’s delightful)

The three famous people I’d invite to my imaginary dinner party are BeyoncĂ©, Audrey Hepburn, and Jesus. My three genie wishes would be to speak every language, to read every book, and teleportation. My perfect weekend may include beach days, trivia nights, sleeping in then doing a crossword puzzle in bed, snuggles with my chihuahua Nacho, traveling. I’m an Enneagram Type 1.


E*Travels started as my travel blog in 2017 and evolved into a blog chronicling my travels through life…because life IS a journey. Through it, I try to share what I’ve learned on my journey, what matters to me, how I’ve been inspired, why I feel what I do, and more.

If you are enjoying my blog,
thank you for reading my words.
It is scary to put them out into the world so it means a lot.

Writing Services

If you are here looking for writing services, I hope you found the right place. I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism and have been in the marketing “biz” for nine years at local and national non-profits and a global brand. I know how to write well and with purpose.

As I progressed in my career and honed my writing skills, I knew I could help people running their own small businesses or non-profits. I’ve seen too many good ideas undermined by lackluster writing. Your passion for your project should come through in every word to engage and drive action! You and I collaborate to make that happen.

Whatever your reason for coming here, thanks for stopping by.
If you want to work together, I am only a click away.
I have a good feeling about you…

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