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Words matter.
Let me write your story.

Relevant, accurate, consistent and engaging writing represents your brand, speaks to your audience, and connects people to what you offer.

Your small business, non-profit or even side gig is your passion project. It’s maybe also a one-man or woman-show. You got it off the ground and “give it all you got” to make it succeed, but there’s only one of you, so much to do, and only so much time.

I offer writing services to tell “the story” of your business, goals, and mission, using your brand voice to convey the right message to your right audience.

Focus on what you do best and leave the writing to me.

Throwing words on a website or in an email doesn’t cut it. To attract and retain customers or funders — to get people to buy in to your vision — you need the right words.

You and I work together to determine — who are you talking to? What do you want to say to them? What do you want them to do? I craft the words and…Voilá! You have well-thought-out copy, content, and narrative for your project.

Before I overwhelm you with too many of MY words, here is what I can offer you:


Effective copywriting helps promote and sell your products, services, or mission AND your brand.
Website | Email campaigns |
Press releases | Marketing pieces | +

Content Writing

Valuable content draws curious seekers to your site to educate, inspire, or delight and keeps them engaged.
Articles & listicles | Blog posts |
Email newsletters | Social media | +

Grant Writing

ink pen and notebook

Stand-out applications paint a picture of your vision, present data, and convince funders to support your project.

For any project you have in mind…


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